Thursday, 10 November 2011

Post this... or this? what about THIS?

I'm sure it is a common enough problem with the blog, when things are a bit hectic out in the real world and the posts start lagging behind a bit. Result? A bit of a backbloglog, so the next time you have a couple of minutes spare you sit down to blog-up. Then realise you've got too much to catch up on in the time available. Sooo do you just do what you can now or put it off until you have enough time to do it all. Why the latter of course. Which also means by the time you sit down again even more has happened so you are even more behind. Thus needing even more time. Which is slightly more then the increased amount of time you have allocated. This time.

Question; Do you dash past a quick precis of all you have missed listing and then, up to date, deal with the most recent in more detail? Do the most recent first then keep on into the future but throw in the odd out of order past times as and when you can? Or pull your finger out, spend a bit of time catching up properly and promise never, EVER to get behind again.. Honest?

Answer: Here is a pretty picture of a tree ;

' Tree' by Amanda Hillier


  1. The second option is the one I like best. Just post the most recent and then catch up with the odd out of order past times. It's easier to handdle and closer to what really happened in your blog life. But please, don't forget to post the past ones, I love your work.

  2. Thanks Ghislaine,

    You won't know this because I haven't finished writing and posted it yet, but that's just what I decided to do. Bring it swiftly up to date then drop in the odd thing left floating around. Keep looking I have a couple of really nice prints to list.