Wednesday, 25 January 2012

More things to do

7. The City - Having lived in London and Brighton and seen all the visual spectacle they have to offer, I would love to get back in to the grimy magnificence of the metropolis and do some cityscapes. 

It has of course to be a megopolis, London, Birmingham definitely New York ( Any invites gratefully received ).. Below a print of the outskirts of Cardiff I produced for a series the 'Taff Trial.' I really enjoyed playing with the pattern and abstracted shapes in the tower block. Really whet my appetite for a bit more hot tower on tarmac action..

Llandaff North. Cardiff

 8. The Meaning of Landscape - A bit more intellectual and long term this one. What makes certain landscapes special, what attaches a meaning to a piece of ground, what is it that makes part of the  'landscape' a 'view' therefore special and so worth preserving or just ground of no consequence. Is the appearance of the land importance or its connection to those who associate with it. How does a completely false man made landscape (Most of the countryside in the UK ) become the symbol of all things 'natural'  and something to be protected against mans perfidious interference? Aspects of memory, history, personal  involvement. How different cultures see their relationship with the land on which they live. An investigative path that will have to include the indigenous arts of Australasia, having as they do a completely different take on the meaning of the landscape.

9. Play Misty for me - Moving away from the crisp clear lines I am partial to and look at suggestion, hint, half seen and obscure. Experiment with more ephemeral prints aiming to capture the appearance, or not, of mist, a landscape glimpsed through heavy rain, evening light and other obscurities.

10. Multi Block - A step on from reduction print? having a go at prints in whichb I can play with the things that cannot be done on a single chunk of lino. Playing with texture, being able to cut continous lines and patterns and then overlay more pattern and areas of texture without worrying about the restrictions of the previous or following layers.

As previously mentioned I have cut out the keyblock for my first multiblock. Typically I couldn't have a go at a test A4 print, oh no I've cut out an A2 multi that will need at least four sheets.

Offsetting the key onto the transfer sheet

11. Outside broadcast - Take the lino block outside and draw directly onto the block to hopefully keep the loose quality of the draw line. Avoids the deadening effect on the spontaneous drawn line of tracing the image from sketch to block. There is of course the reversing of the image through direct printing, so the subject matter must be something that is not affected by orientation. Just a great composition of a simple image.

12. Portrait - An attempt at expressive portraits, looking at old black and white images of tribal societies, reference books on tattoo portraits, criminal mugshots. Old staged photo's from the early days of photography. Or, as here, a print from the early days of my printmaking:



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