Wednesday, 18 April 2012

March workshop

The first group workshop of the year and a really enjoyable three days. Two very different willing victims, Lee a painter and printmaker from the Crickhowell area, and Elizabeth a very enthusiastic beginner from near Bristol.

As usual we started with an artists waffling on about his own work for a morning, while the paying customers tried to squeeze a word or questions in when they could. Then we looked at subjects for a black and white image, and chatted about tools, materials and techniques.

After a successful day and a half printing the black and white prints we moved on to the main event.

Elizabeth used the same image again for her colour, while Lee nipped down the spa to buy some fruit for reference for his bowl of fruit image.

Fox and Lapwings by Elizabeth Smith

The bowl of fruit had a variety of final incarnations as we discussed the mount of black line/shadow it needed to be the most optimum. Below is the final version with only a small amount of black on the fruit above the line of the glass bowl. There was such a nice delicacy of colour and tone in the fruit we decided that too much black killed of the subtlety of the colour. So Lee kept cutting a little bit more each time and printing until he was happy. Two really lovely prints and well done to both Lee and Elizabeth.  

Bowl of fruit by Lee Wright

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