Tuesday, 11 January 2011

First lake print - Last of the year.

Happy New Year! and welcome to the first post of 2011. Christmas only just finished and already it feels like months ago, the beautiful snow has melted and the cold winter rains have begun. Although a rain draped landscape can and does have its own dramatic potential, it is harder to get motivated to go out for a drawing walk in cold biting rain than it is to go crunching through fresh fallen snow. Even at -10 the fingers stop hurting the more involved you get in the sketch.

Although to be honest it was more the fingers stop hurting the more involved you get in pressing the shutter on the camera. An hour wandering around the fields and stream behind the house left me with a wealth of interesting viewpoints, compositions and patterns to experiment with later in the year, when I have a gap.

I get all excited at how deep blue black water looks against snow, it also moves more like oil than water, sluggish and thick although it was about -9 when I took this  picture with ice like tissue paper forming over shallower water. Watch this space for the series of snow based print shenanigans later.

In a couple of weeks I have the first show of 2011 at Oriel Gwynedd, Bangor. My last print of 2010 was the first of a new series I am planning for 2011/2012 which will show at Bangor as an introduction to the series, which is initially based around the lakes of Snowdonia. I say initially as I am sure it will  branch out into Quarries, sheep, mountains etc.

The first picture is Llyn Ogwen.

Below is the moment of truth when the paper is peeled back from the block, this is the third colour. 

The whole print:

The final colour is applied;

As the start of a bunch I am really happy with the way it turned out, especially the cutting on the clouds to give tonal variation and depth with only the first two colours. Also the overall sense of space and depth between the rocks in the foreground and the hill behind turned out just right. Or as I remembered it anyway.

I am now working on print two which I have decided to do as a woodcut. Something I have been promising I would have a proper go at for ooh only about two years. Will put up some pictures as soon as I have them.

The Bangor exhibition is from 22-01-11

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