Monday, 29 November 2010

Wine society

South African Wine


Lino cut and ready to print

Inked up with 'magenta' for the colour separation and showing registration marks

Colour separation

pink (Magenta) cut away and inked with the black

Final print
Turned out to be a nice little job, producing 12 inside spot illustration and the cover for the Wine Society's Quarterly catalogue. The small pictures had to be printed as one colour ( supposed to be Magenta but ended up more as a kind of pink!) and black separations, so it was an interesting challenge to produce dramatic images within this limitation rather than the range of colours and graduations I usually employ to get the story across.
The use of black to hold the composition together and show the various elements of the print became key and I found myself cutting much finer and more descriptive lines than I would perhaps usually do. A good example of this and my favourite of the series is this print of San Felices de Bilibio statue & church in Rioja.

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